About Trimz

Welcome to Trimz.  We were founded on family values and believe in helping to make things easier and convenient for everyone around us. 

Trimz was created to allow men and women the ability to get a professional haircut by a licensed Master Barber in the comfort of your own home, office, hotel room, or any place that we can pull up a chair and spark a conversation. You as a customer can log on to the website, select the service you need, type in your location, and we will send a notification to barbers in your area. When your appointment time is confirmed a Trimz’s barber will be at your location at the confirmed time. When the barber arrives at your location he will need a couple of things; a chair, good lighting, and maybe an outlet for clippers, hot wax machine or a hot towel warmer. Now here comes the fun part because you are about to experience a Trimz.  Seriously, it is really that easy to get a professional cut in the comfort of your own home or business. 


Trimz Founder, Wakius Hereford

Over 20 years ago I was able to embark on an experience that would change my life forever. In 1995, I started barber college not knowing what to expect and it all changed when I picked up a pair of clippers and begun to build a rapport with a stranger while cutting his hair. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Lord Savior Jesus Christ and barbering. I fell in love with barbering over 20 years ago and since 2002, I have owned and operated First Class family barber shop in Nashville, Tennessee. I knew this business was for me when I picked up those clippers and realized that I could be my own boss, make my own schedule and earn a very lucrative income. Currently, I’m the Director of Education at Nashville Barber and Styles Academy. It has always been my vision to enhance the business of barbering. During my time as a Master Barber, I have owned four barber shops and won multiple hair competitions.

Nevertheless, I am most proud of the work I currently do, which is teaching men and women this wonderful craft. I must say there’s nothing more fulfilling than taking a person you just met and using clippers to turn them into a friend. A good hair cut makes them look good on the outside and it also affects their inside. It builds confidence and gets them ready to take on the world! Trimz is breaking all the barriers that has held us back. We are going to allow you, the Master Baber, to be able to cut hair everyday anywhere you like and make all the money you want.